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Amsterdam naturist beach

Quiet clean bedroom and nutritious breakfast for one naturist guest.
Experience the way most Dutch people live: in a real house with a garden in a modern residential neighbourhood.


Very quiet: only one room for one guest
Clothing optional in the entire house and sunny terrace
Living room, kitchen, bathroom shared with the owner
Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam centre by tram
Free car parking!
Gay owned - straight friendly


Your host, Erik

Erik, your hostMy name is Erik, a 51 years old single gay man. As a freelance photographer I work at home (the photo studio is on the 2nd floor) and of course everywhere customers need me.

I enjoy bike riding, swimming, the sea, nature and the sun. I don't smoke, don't use drugs and don't drink alcohol.

What I like about my house is that it is close to the center of Amsterdam, where all the action is, but still far away from it to feel completely relaxed.
My favorite place is the garden. It is facing south, so the sun is shining here all day. In summer a great place for naturists. You can enjoy the sun completely naked on the terrace! Not many houses in Amsterdam can offer this…

I have been a naturist all my life. That was very easy, since my parents are naturists as well. As a young boy it was completely natural for me to take of my clothes when we arrived at a beach or camping site. I remember one time a hot day during a holiday. We arrived at a camping site after a long drive. My brother and I took our clothes off as soon as we got out of the hot car. “No boys!”, my mother said, “here you have to wear clothes!” It did not make any sense to us…

Location Erik's naturist Bed and Breakfast

My house is located in the west part of Amsterdam. The area is called 'New West'. This is close to Amsterdam Airport, Haarlem and the beach (Zandvoort).

Amsterdam city centre is only 8 km from my house. Tram line 1 is just a few minutes walk and with up to 12 trams per hour you are within half an hour in the city centre. Line 1 brings you to all the main places of interest without having to change to an other line.
And if you come by car, there is plenty parking space in my street. For free!

The airport is half an hour by public transport or 15 minutes by taxi. Uber is available too.

location Erik's Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam

If you want to see more of my neighbourhood, search for Ecuplein on Google Maps.

What you should know...

I live here just by myself, and I only host one guest at a time, so the house stays quiet. I almost never go out at night. Normally I go to sleep around 23:00 h. I only host people who also use the night to sleep and not to party. In other words, if you visit Amsterdam to party and use drugs, please find an other Bed and Breakfast. Thanks for your understanding.

As a freelance photographer my working hours and days are very flexible. My house is also my office, so often I will be able to check you in at a time that is convenient for you. We have to contact each other a few days before your arrival to confirm the check in time.

As mentioned before, I sleep at night. So no middle of the night check-ins or check-outs. This means that if your flight arrives after 21.00 h, I ask you to find an other host or hotel. Also if you want to check out before 7.00 h in the morning, please find an other place to sleep. Thanks for understanding.

Some more details about the Bed and Breakfast

guest roomThe guest room is available for you. This room was completely renovated in 2016: walls, windows and ceilings painted, new floor coverings, new duvets and new linens.
In the room is a small desk so you can work on your laptop in private. High speed Wifi (100 Mbps!)

The house (build in 1998) is in a very quiet area. The perfect place to catch up some sleep. The neighbours are also very quiet. You don't have to be afraid to wake up in the middle of the night because of some drunk tourists climbing the stairs of the adjacent apartment.

We share the bathroom, that has a double sink, a toilet and double shower. A second toilet is located on the ground floor.

Breakfast is included

A fresh nutritious breakfast is included in your stay. It consists of freshly baked rolls, eggs, butter, cheese, ham, jam, Dutch chocolate sprinkles, yogurt, cereals, muesli, fruits, coffee, tea, milk, orange juice.


You can use the kitchen to make yourself coffee and tea. You can store stuff in the refrigerator and freezer. You can prepare a meal in the microwave if you wish. If you want to cook a full meal on the stove, please discuss with me in advance. Maybe we can cook together?

In summer you can also use the terrace to enjoy the sun completely naked.

Maximum stay = 5 days.

If you are interested to stay with me, please read the strict house rules before you send a request. And please tell me what time you will arrive in Amsterdam and what time you want to check out the day you leave. Thanks!

House rules

Please agree to these house rules to make your stay agreable for you and me.

If you are still interested to stay with me, after reading all these limitations, please send me a message.

Booking and availability of Erik's naturist Bed and Breakfast

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You can read reviews and send a booking request on any of these pages: (or contact me first if you have any questions)

If you are not a member yet of Airbnb yet, use this link to create your account. You will receive a bonus if you ever start hosting yourself on Airbnb.

The calendar is only open for the upcoming 4 to 8 weeks. If you want to book more in advance, please send a message to and I will reply as soon as possible to let you know if the requested days are available. This way, I try to give naturist guests priority over textile guests... :-)

What makes this a naturist B&B?

If the temperature is high enough, I live the naturist lifestyle at home. In summer my south facing garden is well protected by surrounding trees and very sunny almost the entire day. The terrace is well protected from the wind. It is a great place to enjoy the sun, even when temperatures are not very high.
When I have a naturist guest, I always make sure the temperature indoor is pleasant to be naked.

There are many facilities for naturists in and around Amsterdam:


  1. Het Marnix - pool
    Marnixplein 1, 1015 ZN Amsterdam
    Naturist swim every Tuesday, 21:15 - 22:45 h.

  2. Sportfondsenbad Oost - pool
    Land van Cocagneplein 44, 1093 NB Amsterdam
    Naturist swim every Sunday morning 8:30 - 9:45 h.

  3. Zuiderbad - pool
    Hobbemastraat 26, 1071 ZC Amsterdam
    Naturist swim every Sunday 16:15 -17:30 h.

  4. Zonneweide Amsterdamse Bos - meadow
    Blekerskade, Amstelveen
    Official naturist location in the forest of Amsterdam. No facilities. It is just a field in the forest. Free entrance.

  5. Het Twiske - beach
    Noorderlaaik 8, 1511 BX Oostzaan
    The name of this official naturist beach is Baaiegatstrand, although nobody knows this name... You can swim in the lake and there is a small sandy beach. Further is mostly grass.
    Het Twiske

  6. De Nieuwe Meer / Oeverlanden - gay nudist area
    Oude Haagseweg, Amsterdam
    I am not sure if I should mention this place, but it is the closest nudist place near my house (just 3 km). It is primarily known as a gay cruising area, but on a warm summer day it can be so busy that it is imposible to cruise. Then it becomes more an open air café. It is close to a main highway and close to the airport at well, so not very quiet.
    De Nieuwe Meer / Oeverlanden

  7. Spaarnwoude - tiny lake beach
    Genieweg, Velsen-Zuid
    Official naturist beach. Small pond for swimming. A highway is nearby, so it is not very quiet. Free entrance and free parking.

  8. Gaasperplas - meadow
    Gaasperplas, Amsterdam Zuidoost
    Official naturist "beach" although there is no access to the water. No facilities.

  9. IJmuiden and Bloemendaal beach
    One of my favorites! The naturist beaches of IJmuiden and Bloemendaal are seperated by a small (250 meter) textile zone. On a warm summer day the textile sunbathers flow over to the naturist beaches because these are much more quiet and spacious. The naturists don't bother.

  10. Naked yoga for men
    Okido Center, Van Ostadestraat 387, 1074 VX Amsterdam
    Every Wednesday naked yoga for men. Start: 20:15 h

  11. Zandvoort beach
    Popular naturist beach. This is the only beach in the Amsterdam area with a train station. For me it is too crowded here. I prefer to go to less busy places.

  12. Bergen aan Zee beach
    This is one of my favourite naturist beaches. The beach is wide (specially at low tide) and very quiet. There is always a lot of space.
    Bergen aan Zee

  13. Langevelderslag beach
    Langevelderslag, Noordwijk
    The beach is not as wide as IJmuiden and Bergen aan Zee. The great advantage is the easy access by car to this beach. Payed parking only € 3 per day (in 2016).
    Several restaurants close to the car park.

  14. Laakse Strand - lake beach
    Wielseweg or Rassenbeekweg, Zeewolde
    A good alternative if it is too cold at the coastal beaches. It is possible to swim, but there are a lot of plants in the water. The water is not very deep, so after a few warm days in spring it can already be nice to swim here.
    Payed parking at the end of Wielseweg or free parking at the end of Rassenbeekweg.
    Laakse Strand

  15. Zilverstrand, Almere - lake beach
    Re-opened 1 May 2018 after road works of the A6 motorway.
    Quite some noise from the motorway, but a good choice if you drive by on a hot day. Good water to swim.

  16. Brediusbad - open air pool
    Spaarndammerdijk 306, 1013 ZX Amsterdam
    Only summer season: Clothing optional swim Tuesday and Thursday morning 7.00 - 9.00 h.

  17. Wijk aan Zee beach
    The naturist beach is north of the village.
    Wijk aan Zee

  18. Geestmerambacht lake beach
    Klaregroetweg 1, 1723 PW Langedijk
    Just north of the city of Alkmaar is this lake with several beaches, including a small naturist beach. This is a perfect place to swim. Free parking. Toilet and restaurants.

  19. Fort Vuren river beach
    Waaldijk 29a, 4214 LB Vuren
    Not an official nudist beach. What I like most of this beach is the location. The river Waal is the connection between Rotterdam and Germany. So many ships pass by. No facilities.
    Fort Vuren

  20. Spa Zuiver - sauna
    Koenenkade 8, 1081 KH Amsterdam
    Modern luxurious spa.

  21. Sauna van Egmond
    Van Egmondstraat 4, 2024 XM Haarlem
    Popular sauna.

  22. Amsterdamse Lichtbond (ALB)
    Loodijk 30, 1244 NL Ankeveen
    Naturist association with its own grounds for daytime recreation. Make sure to read the website before you visit them.

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